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Why Not an Update?

2009-05-26 14:22:27 by WaterCooler


ForNoReason here to give you an update.

Get excited! The new episode of "Behind the WaterCooler" is shooting down the pipeline faster than a greased up fat man in a waterslide. Expect it in a little more than a week.

For those who can't wait, watch Episode one over again, and vote and review! Your reviews help us with what direction to take the series and what you would like to see changed! SO DO IT!!!!

Check out our website for behind the scenes footage and up to the minute updates. Follow us on Twitter and all that jazz!

Yay Episode 1!

2009-05-12 12:38:53 by WaterCooler

Yep, four weeks of work all jam-packed into 2 minutes 21 seconds of animation.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed, we got some good feedback to work on in the next episode and alot of motivation to get it done =D

I will be starting on Episode 2 tomorrow and it should be done some time in the near future =D


The Team

VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D